Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tag: Top 10 Actors

It's time for the "Top 10 Actors" tag. It was really hard to choose just 10 actors because I like more that 30-40 actors.

Again, I picked my favorite actors from tv-shows.

I thought I should also make a top with my fave couples from shows/movies. I'm sorry if I am boring you with shows but I am an addicted and I can't stop talking about tv series.

My top 10 actors:

10.David Boreanaz -Bones,Angel

9.Joshua Jackson -Fringe,Dawson's Creek

8.Shane West -Nikita,ER

7.Logan Marshall Green-Dark Blue,The OC

6.Kirsten Holden-Reed -Lost Girl,The Tudors

5.Alex O’Loughlin -Hawaii Five-O, Three Rivers,Moonligh

4.Jonathan Rhys Meyers -The Tudors

3.Chad Michael Murray -One Tree Hill

2.Patrick Dempsey -Grey's Anatomy

1.Ian Somerhalder -The Vampire Diaries,Lost

Do we have any actors in common?