Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 10 Movies & Songs from 2010

I saw this tag at SuperficialDoll, and I tought that it will be fun to make it.So let me present you my fave 10 movies an my fave 10 songs from 2010!

Top 10 movies 2010

1.Life as we know it

2. When in Rome


4. The bounty hunter

5.From Paris with love

6.The back-up plan

7.Sex and the city 2

8. Dear John

9.Letters to Juliet

10.Step up 3D

Top 10 songs 2010

1.Eminem ft Rihanna-Love the way you lie
2.Toni Braxton-Yesterday

3.Jay-z ft. Alicia Keys-Empire State Of Mind
4.Guess Who-Anul 2000
5.Travie McCoy-Billionaire
6.Brumo Mars-Just the way you are
8.Flo Rida ft.David Guetta-Club can't handle me
9.Owl City-Fireflies
10.Stromae-Alors on dance


  1. The bounty hunter, Killers, Step up 3d, The Back-up Plan, SATC 2 se numara printre preferatele mele insa nu m-au marcat si nici nu le-am simtit in acelasi fel in care le-am "simtit" pe celelalte.

    de asemenea melodiile 1,3,5,6,7 si 10 se afla si ele printre preferatele mele, unele chiar si in top la mine

    ti-am zis si la mine pe blog ma bucur mult ca ai preluat tagul :* o dupa-amiaza faina

  2. i loved life as we know it and letters to juliet! i think just the way you are is definitely one of the top songs of 2010.

    <3, Mimi