Friday, January 28, 2011

The number that Stefan called is really working

In seson 2 of The Vampire Diaries,episode 12 "The Descent"Stefan calls this number (001) 919 399 2507 and it's really working. If you dial the number you will find a message from Katherine and Damon.I don't know how much it costs but I was curious so I dialed.


  1. Da,eu am incercat din curiozitate si chiar e un mesaj lasat de Katherine si Damon .

  2. ce tare :))
    da mi frica de cost suplimentar..:))

  3. :x andreea, te iubesc
    :)) mersi ca mi'ai amintit
    am 100 de minute internationale spre Canada si USA:x

    acuma sun, vezi ca a aparut ep nou azi :*

  4. omg chiarr
    ce tare
    o sa sun in fiecare zi pentru ca oricum nu folosesc minutele alea:)))

  5. Ma bucur ca poti sa asculti mesajul!
    Am vazut deja noul ep:)

  6. O sa-l vad si eu asta seara, yuhuuu! Ce crazy esti, nu mi-ar fi trecut prin cap sa sun. Adica ma gandesc ca toate nrle ce le vedem prin filme nu sunt reale, deci nu merg, dar vad ca nu e asa ;))

  7. I will try it later thank you <33

    I think the best moment in the episode us that Damon is crying !
    It's so sweet <3 i really love Damon <3
    it's so cute I think he loved rose !
    What do you think ?
    And I also love his room :D


  8. Yes,that was the best moment! We got to see Damon in a way we’ve never seen him before.
    I loved the dream with him and Rose.It was so sad the moment when he had to killer her.