Friday, January 6, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: New Pics And Mini Interview With Julie Plec

Hello lovely readers! First, I want to wish a happy name day to all my romanian readers who celebrated their onomastic yesterday and happy b'day to me because it was also my name day and my birthday! I'm one year older now! :)

Today I want to show you some new pictures with the cast of The Vampire Diaries and a mini interview with the
executive producer-Julie Plec, about the final scene between my fave couple from the show!!

I absolutely loved the last aired episode and I'm not only saying this because of the last scene between Elena and Damon but also because of the Jeremy and Tyler scenes,Damon and Stefan,Damon and Klaus, Damon and Alaric!
I'm glad that Alaric and Damon are friends again!
I missed Caroline this episode and I'm sad that Jeremy is leaving Mystic Falls,I hope that he will return soon.
I am really curious who is in the fourth coffin. Any ideas? I think that it could be the Original Petrova or maybe the Original Witch. If it's Petrova we will have the opportunity to see Nina Dobrev in a triple role!

Ok, now let me show you the photos:

And now the mini interview with Julie Plec about the Delena scene

1.The kiss! Why was the time finally right for Damon and Elena to share a kiss that doesn’t involve her actually being Katherine or him dying?

JULIE PLEC: We’ve been building to it all season, and believe it or not, we actually thought that we would get there by the end of the ninth episode. And then when we got there [to the end of November’s midseason finale], it didn’t feel right. It felt like it wasn’t ready to happen yet. And so, even though god knows who’s gonna have tuned in tonight [Laughs], it finally felt right by the time we got to the end of tonight’s story. It felt like their relationship had evolved to the point where it wasn’t something that Elena would necessarily fight off, or push away, or reject, or even regret.

2.And why has Damon walk away, then come back? To give fans a heart attack?

JULIE PLEC: We wanted him to have that moment of F— it. [Laughs] You know, I’ve been through a lot. I’ve loved this girl for a really long time. I shouldn’t be kissing her. It’s not right. My brother’s saving my life left, right, and center. I shouldn’t be doing this, but damn it, I want to, so f— it. [Laughs] And that’s kinda what he does.

3.When we chatted last month for about the moments in the show that made you cry last year, you mentioned that the porch was a special place in their evolving relationship. I should have seen that kiss coming.

JULIE PLEC: The porch is the site of their first fake kiss, when it turned out to be Katherine. It’s the site of her telling him that their friendship was over and that she would never trust him again in the second season. And now, it’s the site of this really sudden and surprising but nice moment between the two of them.

4.I was afraid the camera would pull back and Stefan would be standing there. I’m glad he wasn’t. It would have been too predictable.

JULIE PLEC:It felt like we didn’t need to use that kind of device. It felt like it was a private moment between these two characters that have developed a friendship and an intimate bond over a very, very long time. It felt very separate of Stefan, and it felt like they deserved to have it on their own.

5.What I liked about it was that it was satisfying, but you never felt like he was going to pressure her for more. Looking ahead, how do they react to it?

JULIE PLEC: One of my favorite moments of that whole scene, weirdly, is after he kisses her. It’s very clear that her breath has been kinda taken away and that he’s knocked her socks off a little. Then he just looks at her and says “goodnight” and walks away. He said, “If I’m gonna feel guilty about something, I’m gonna feel guilty about this.” He took the moment, he seized the day, he was a cowboy. [Laughs] And now, he’s a man who can walk off and say, “Hey, I did what I needed to do, and now let’s get back to life as we know it.”

Hope you enjoyed the photos and the mini interview!



  1. Haha, great interview, it was an amazing scene. Looking forward to see what happens next. Happy B-day again :*:*

  2. Me 2! Abia astept sa apara urmatorul ep! Multumesc!:*

  3. Omg i'm a fan of VAMPIRE Diaries!! thanx for doing this post!!! Seriously when elena or sud i say katerina kissed damon...i was like NO....... but thank fully it turned out be katerina...But now at this point of the season i think i would like if elena would kiss Damon...Damon is kinda growing on the audience more than stephen these days......Anywaz lets see wat happens!
    Btw be sure to check out my new post
    Love & Luck