Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Rings

I think that these rings are very beautiful and affordable for a designer piece. They cost only $200.They are very popular among bloggers,I saw them with different styles and they look great.In my opinion the Yves Saint Laurent ring can be the perfect accessory you need to wear with your little black dress.

What is your favourite ring?


  1. Le vanez de multa vreme si inca imi plac foarte mult dar in conditiile in care am buget de student iar tata nu e magnat, 200$ pentru Romania, pe un inel, este mult:) So...continui sa salivez:))

  2. Love your blog :) check out mine-

  3. ehhm, maybe it will go on sale:))
    I love them and I want one but I wouldn't pay 200$:)