Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The first person that finished my challenge!!!!

I made a group on Polyvore called "20 muses".It's a challenge.Everyone is welcomed to do it!You need to make sets with one or more pictures with the celebrities that are in this list.

20 Celebrities Challenge List:

1.Nina Dobrev
2.Angelina Jolie
3.Scarlett Johansson
4.Brittany Murphy
5.Kate Hudson
6.Heidi Klum
7.Jennifer Lopez
8.Audrey Hepburn
10.Anne Hathaway
11.Blake Lively
12.Leighton Meester
13.Ashley Greene
14.Demi Lovato
15.Taylor Momsen
16.Lady Gaga
17.Jessica Zsohr
18.Robert Pattinson
19.Kristen Stewart
20.Katherine Heigl

The first person that finished the challenge is: zLatiii!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!Thank you for accepting the challenge!

Here are some of her amazing sets:

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  1. Those are stunning sets,all very well thought out and not rushed at all.